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Surprising Feature Home Buyers Crave Most.

When shopping for a home, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the number of amenities and features available. But you may be surprised to learn that one particular feature appears higher on the priority list of many home buyers than any other. Read on to uncover the surprising feature most home buyers crave the most.

1. Intriguing Home Features That Buyers Can’t Resist

  • Open Plan Living – Open plan living is becoming increasingly popular. Walls are coming down, and kitchen and living spaces are merging, allowing homebuyers to experience the convenience of fewer closed spaces and greater accessibility to family areas. This can create a great sense of flow and togetherness, in addition to providing plenty of natural light and ventilation.
  • Living Walls – Plant life is beautiful and adds a touch of nature to any environment. Investing in a living wall, whether as an addition to an existing space or as part of a garden feature, adds an eminently inviting yet modern atmosphere to a property. Moreover, if you take the right measures with regard to positioning, light, humidity and the variety of plants used, your living wall could boost the air quality of your living space.
  • Smart Home Technology – Smart home systems are becoming increasingly popular. Voice control, automated lighting, energy management and home entertainment systems can all be combined into one central command centre. Home automation reduces energy usage costs and provides homeowners with efficiency and convenience, as well as a sense of security. These features make a home stand out from the crowd and draw in prospective buyers.

Modern home living is enticing prospective buyers with intriguing features, thus providing a great potential return of investment. Some of the must-have features that savvy buyers love include:

  • Updated Kitchens – Modernized kitchens are attractive to buyers due to the range of functions they offer. Think spacious areas with sleek finishes and high-end appliances, as well as islands that double as breakfast bars or additional food prep areas. The right combination of finishes and appliances can make a kitchen feel light, airy and ultimately increase a home’s market appeal.
  • Spa Bathrooms – Many homeowners are investing in spa-like bathrooms, ranging from unique wall and floor tiling, to modern showers. While you don’t need to go crazy, it is important to ensure the design and fixtures are cohesive and high quality. This can add a stylish, modern touch to the bathrooms and create a much more attractive home for potential buyers.

When shopping for a home, buyers are often enticed and influenced by these modern features. Aesthetic improvements can drastically improve a home’s market value, and smart features can do wonders for energy efficiency. To maximize a property’s value and appeal to potential buyers, focus on updates that will give your home a contemporary and luxurious edge.

2. How to Keep Your Home Buoyant in the Real Estate Market

Everybody wants their homes to stay buoyant in today’s real estate markets, no matter the nature of their investment. So how do you make sure your home stays afloat, amidst unpredictable tides? Here are a few tips to stay ahead of the competition.

Set the right price

  • Research prevailing rates in the locality.
  • Factor in the condition of your property.
  • Don’t set an unrealistic (too high) price.

It’s essential to get the pricing right, even if it means missing out on a few initial offers. Setting the right price may drive up subsequent offers, especially if you demonstrate your flexibility in negotiating.

Reduce the timeline

  • Reduce wait periods for prospective buyers.
  • Court buyers with a good reputation.
  • Be prepared to make alterations to facilitate a quick sale.

No one likes to wait, especially when real estate is concerned. Any owner who is open to reasonable commitments can get substantially better deals in today’s ever-changing market. Get your paperwork ready before the buyer arrives; that way you can conclude the sale quickly and give yourself a huge advantage.

3. Uncovering Home Buyers’ Secret Passions

Sometimes it may seem that homebuyers are cryptic and don’t share all the details of their home search and that can seem daunting. But as an experienced real estate professional, you can uncover what buyers are looking for with a few tips.

First Look At Photos
It never hurts to take the first step — looking. Have the homebuyer take a look at listings and photos and ask them to narrow down the ones they like. This helps you zero in on what type of home they’re looking for and can give you ideas about other special features they may be interested in.

Dig Into Neighborhoods
Once you understand the type of home they’re interested in, dig a little deeper and ask them what they like and dislike about particular neighborhoods. What specific features, such as local parks and restaurants, are most important? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can hone in on suitable homes with all the desired elements.

Follow Their Lead
Sometimes real estate agents only know half the story when it comes to a homebuyer’s needs. Listen to their conversations and take cues from what they say. What words and phrases do they use when describing the home they’re looking for?

  • Do they describe the home with words related to family and leisure? It could suggest that the backyard is a priority.
  • Do they focus solely on location and commute? That could mean that the commute is most important.
  • Do they mention features such as energy-efficiency? That could signal that they’d like to save money.

Once you understand how to interpret the signals your buyers are sending, you can easily uncover their hidden desires and find them the perfect home.

4. Discovering What Buyers Crave in Their Homes

We all know that when it comes to buying a home, we need to make the most of the space and design of the property to ensure maximum satisfaction. But how do we really know what buyers are craving in their next home? Here are some ideas to help you discover what buyers might be on the lookout for.

  • The State of the Market: Are there certain trends that are particularly popular in the market today? Monitoring the latest trends in home design can help you identify what buyers might be looking for in their new home.
  • Inspect the Competition: Taking a look at the competition can help you understand what other buyers are interested in. What amenities do their homes have? What styles of architecture do they tend to prefer? Doing a bit of research can go a long way!
  • Ask the Professionals: Realtors have spent years in the industry studying what buyers are drawn to. Don’t be afraid to ask your real estate professional for their advice on what buyers may be looking for. They can provide you with great insights that may not be immediately obvious.

Designing a home with buyers in mind can go a long way in the settling process, and understanding what they desire in their houses can be the key to success. Whether it’s through technology, market trends, competition, or the advice of a realtor, there are plenty of paths to find out what buyers crave in their homes.

Whether you’re new to buying a house or a veteran, surprising features are always something to look for. With a little bit of extra research, you can make your dream of purchasing a new property even better. From temperature-controlled closets to energy-efficient construction, it looks like these incredible features will have buyers and sellers embracing the future of home purchases.
As home buyers look to invest in a new home, the must-have amenities that can make or break the purchase decision become a critical factor. From the quality of the appliances to the square footage of the garage, there are several features buyers are likely to be on the hunt for. However, there is one surprising feature home buyers often crave most: a sauna.

Whether your clients are searching for a place to take a quick break and relax, to sweat out the toxins or to ease tense muscles, there’s nothing like the feel of a sauna to help achieve holistic and physical wellbeing. For homebuyers searching for a luxurious feel and or unique way to de-stress, a sauna should be a serious consideration.

Since sauna use is beneficial for reducing stress and blood pressure, boosting energy and heart health, and providing relief from chronic pain, asthma and the flu, modern homebuyers find this feature more appealing than ever. Not to mention the fact that saunas can also increase sweat secretion, helping people look more youthful and fit.

There’s more to take into account than a sauna’s obvious health benefits. Homebuyers today place a high priority on practicality and energy efficiency. Fortunately, today’s saunas provide a variety of energy efficient features, from reduced heat loss and water consumption to improved heating methods, so homebuyers can have peace of mind knowing they’re consuming less energy while using the sauna.

When considering the potential of a sauna feature in a home, the options are nearly limitless. From the traditional towel-lined experience to the contemporary design trends, a sauna can be tailored to fit any buyer’s specific needs or personal preferences.

For homes that can offer this highly sought after feature, buyers may quickly recognize the added value with potential to increase the price of the sale. A sauna is an exciting and unique feature that buyers are likely to continue to covet for years to come.

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