September, 30

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Surprising Feature Most Desired by Home Buyers

As the housing market heats up, buyers are seeking out more than just the basics. From outdoor kitchens to home offices, there are plenty of surprising features being requested by buyers these days.

The Art of Painting Eaves and Soffits: A Step-by-Step Guide

Painting eaves and soffits is an accessible art, but it takes precise technique and skill. Learn the steps to painting these exterior elements with expert perfection!

A Portable Shelter That Bravely Weathers All Storms!

This remarkable shelter is engineered to give users peace of mind no matter the weather! With features like advanced insulation and reinforced weatherproofing, this shelter is made for the most extreme conditions. Get ready for some brave weathering!

Cook Up a Kitchen Remodel Plan That Moves!

Ready for a kitchen transformation? Start by brainstorming your wish list and budget - then you'll have a plan to cook up a modern and stylish space that moves!

Preserving Power: Turning Off Your Home’s Electricity

With the importance of energy conservation and protecting our environment, turning off your home's electricity is an easy way to do your part. With a few simple steps, you can help reduce your electricity consumption and preserve our planet's resources.

Smart Sprinkling: DIY Irrigation Installation

Reduce your water bill and maximize your garden's potential with Smart Sprinkling's easy DIY irrigation installation! Get the most out of your garden and make it easier than ever to achieve a beautiful, healthy landscape.

A Fresher Space: Installing a Vent Fan for Your Bathroom

Creating a fresh, invigorating atmosphere in your bathroom can be as simple as installing a vent fan. Hear the whisper of a gentle breeze and breathe easy as stale air is removed, replaced with crisp, clean air.

Essential Outlet Tests: The Homeowner’s Guide

Homeowners, protect your family and investments with the essential tests every outlet needs. Follow this easy guide to ensure your home is electrically safe.

Transformations: Show-Stopping Home Makeovers

From outdated spaces to modernized show-stoppers, these incredible transformations will have you ready to take on your own home makeover project.