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Revitalize Your Deck: Clean and Refinish to Look Brand New

Bring new life to your outdoor oasis with a thorough cleaning and revamp of the deck. Give your family a brand new experience by effortlessly revitalizing the area and turning it into a beautiful entertainment space!

Efficiently Install Your Home’s DIY Irrigation System

DIY irrigation systems are an effective way to efficiently water your garden and lawn. Learn how to install your own in a few simple steps and give your plants the love they need.

Welcome Home: Building a Classic Arbor

Greet your home's entrance with a classic arbor. Crafted from your favorite materials, this timeless piece will welcome you in style each and every day.

Charming Outdoor Entryway: Building a Classic Arbor

Create a stunning outdoor entryway with a classic arbor! Crafted from simple materials, this arbor is a timeless way to add charm and welcoming energy to your outdoor space.

Deck Refresh: Get That Brand-New Look Back!

Revamp your outdoor oasis with a 'deck refresh' this summer. With a few easy steps, you can give your weathered deck a brand-new look that'll have all your friends singing your praises. Get started on your deck refresh today and you can be enjoying it for years to come!

Gardening Made Easier: DIY Irrigation System

Gardening is made easier than ever with a DIY irrigation system! Create a custom-built network of hoses and several other components to ensure plants are watered quickly and efficiently. Enjoy more free time and healthier plants with minimal effort.

A Portable Shelter That Bravely Weathers All Storms!

This remarkable shelter is engineered to give users peace of mind no matter the weather! With features like advanced insulation and reinforced weatherproofing, this shelter is made for the most extreme conditions. Get ready for some brave weathering!

Smart Sprinkling: DIY Irrigation Installation

Reduce your water bill and maximize your garden's potential with Smart Sprinkling's easy DIY irrigation installation! Get the most out of your garden and make it easier than ever to achieve a beautiful, healthy landscape.

Expressive Pergola Designs for Your Home

Pergolas are stylish additions to any outdoor living area, providing resplendent designs to accentuate your home's beauty. With so many expressive pergola designs out there, you can create a breathtaking backyard oasis.

Pergola 101: Finding the Right Fit for Your Yard

A pergola is a perfect way to add style and personality to outdoor spaces. With their unique design and versatility, they can transform any lawn into an inviting place to relax and entertain. Take your outdoor area to the next level with this Pergola 101 guide to find the right fit for your yard.

A Guide to Pergolas: Choose the Right One for You

Pergolas come in many sizes and styles. Learn how to choose the perfect pergola to create a stylish outdoor oasis in your backyard. Whether you're looking for a sun-drenched dining space, a shady spot to relax, or a shady garden spot, there's a pergola that's right for you.

Portable Storage Tent: All-Weather Protection for a Reduced Price!

When a summer storm suddenly arrives, you're no longer just looking for a place to hide from the rain--you're after all-weather protection. Get it without breaking your budget with a Portable Storage Tent--now available at a reduced price!

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