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The Winning House Color: What Real Estate Pros Know

Your house says more than you think. For an eye-catching finish, real estate professionals swear by one winning house color: timeless, versatile, and never out of style.

Home Sweet Home: Storage Revamp

Everything in your home needs a little love, including storage! Decluttering with style couldn't be easier with these clever ideas for a storage revamp.

Wire It Right: Tips for safely hardwiring 4 Home Appliances

Make sure your home appliances are hardwired safely and correctly with these easy tips. Learn how to get the job done right with our step-by-step guide to safely wiring home appliances.

Revitalize Your Deck: Clean and Refinish to Look Brand New

Bring new life to your outdoor oasis with a thorough cleaning and revamp of the deck. Give your family a brand new experience by effortlessly revitalizing the area and turning it into a beautiful entertainment space!

Efficiently Install Your Home’s DIY Irrigation System

DIY irrigation systems are an effective way to efficiently water your garden and lawn. Learn how to install your own in a few simple steps and give your plants the love they need.

A Window to Improved Curb Appeal

An eyesore no more! Make an impact at first sight with simple improvements to your home's exterior. Unlock a window of possibilities for increased curb appeal.

Powering Down: How to Safely Turn Off Electricity at Home

The click of the switch can signify many things. But when you power down, it can signal a time to relax and recharge. Learn how to safely turn off electricity in your home and give yourself some peace of mind.

Going Green: A Guide to Tile Usage

Making eco-friendly home decor choices doesn't have to be a challenge. With this going green guide to tile usage, you can create a beautiful, sustainable home. Learn how to use tile without compromising sustainability.

Welcome Home: Building a Classic Arbor

Greet your home's entrance with a classic arbor. Crafted from your favorite materials, this timeless piece will welcome you in style each and every day.

Charming Outdoor Entryway: Building a Classic Arbor

Create a stunning outdoor entryway with a classic arbor! Crafted from simple materials, this arbor is a timeless way to add charm and welcoming energy to your outdoor space.

Unlock the Benefits of Wooden Flooring: A Guide

Beautify your living space with the natural warmth and elegance of wooden flooring. Unlock the lasting appeal and numerous benefits of this timeless décor option, from better air quality to longevity. Embrace this stylish and practical solution and make your home shine.

Pressure Washing: Keeping Exteriors Spotless and Safe

Keep your home's exterior looking and performing its best with regular pressure washing. Keep the siding clean, sidestep mildew and moss, and keep away pests—all with one easy solution.

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